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Iron Blood Test
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  • help identify iron deficiency anaemia or iron overload
  • blood test can give you detailed information

Iron Blood Test

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This simple finger-prick blood test can give you detailed information about your iron status to help identify iron deficiency anaemia or iron overload.

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Do you have symptoms like fatigue, pale skin and dizziness? Do you get out of breath easily? Perhaps you've already had a blood test which showed up low iron and you want to see if your levels have improved, or maybe you're more concerned about iron overload.

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When your immune system is triggered to purge your body of external invaders or irritants and to guard against tissue damage, inflammation results. Inflammation frequently manifests as heat, redness, swelling, and discomfort.

An acute or persistent inflammation might exist. Infection or injury are common causes of acute inflammation, which appears for a few days before going away. Long-term diseases including arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, or asthma can lead to chronic inflammation.

Certain proteins that are elevated in the blood as a result of inflammation can be tested to determine the level of inflammation and, in some cases, its underlying cause.

The C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a marker of inflammation that is used to determine whether there is inflammation in the body but not where it is situated.

A test known as High Sensitivity CRP (CRP-hs) is used to find low-level inflammation that may harm blood vessels and cause a heart attack or stroke. There is a great deal of inflammation at the site of a significant injury. The swelling around a twisted ankle is easy to picture.

Your CRP-hs will increase with any damage of this nature. But frequent exercisers also run the danger of developing chronic low-level inflammation, which can harm their performance.We draw this picture using CRP-hs, CK, and your complete blood count (see the articles on the liver and complete blood count).

When you are rested for the test, inflammatory markers like CRP-hs provide the most insight; otherwise, they may be increased from recent exercise

We need iron for a number of basic functions, including the production of new red blood cells, the transportation of oxygen throughout the body, and the development of our immune systems. Haemoglobin, a protein in our red blood cells, contains the majority of the iron in our bodies. A lesser portion is kept in the ferritin protein, which regulates the release of iron when levels are too high or low. In order to identify anaemia or iron overload, iron status tests examine the overall quantity of iron in the blood (haemochromatosis). They examine the amount of iron stored in your body as well as your body's capacity to absorb iron.

You won't be able to breathe as efficiently at the cellular level if you have low iron levels, which will make you feel more exhausted and tyre more quickly. This will affect athletes' performance, VO2 Max, energy efficiency, ability to train at their maximum capacity every day, maximum lactate level, and rate of exhaustion. Approximately 5% of your iron comes from food, and the remaining 95% comes from the breakdown and turnover of your red blood cells. The two primary forms of iron in your diet are Fe2+, which is present in meat and dairy products, and Fe3+, which is more difficult to absorb and is present in plant-based foods. Tests for iron status examine a variety of iron levels, which when combined can provide information about your iron metabolism and its implications for you.

The total iron-binding capacity (TIBC) of your body is a gauge of how well it transports iron through the blood.

The primary blood protein that binds to iron and carries it throughout the body is called transferrin, which is produced in the liver.

This examination gauges the degree to which iron has "saturated" this protein.

A complex globular protein called ferritin is used to store iron in an inactive form. The ferritin releases its iron for usage as your iron reserves get depleted.

You will run out of iron if your ferritin levels drop, and your ability to make red blood cells in your bone marrow will also suffer.

Thus, ferritin provides a reliable indication of your iron reserves. Ferritin can rise at times of infection, inflammation, or trauma because it is an acute phase protein as well.

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