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Genetic Test Kits

Metabolic Test (Evartia)

• Tests for disease-causing genetic changes that cause serious health problems

• Identifies the best therapy for you that can reduce or improve symptoms and chronic complications

• Utilises superior technology that yields accurate results

• Painless and non-invasive test

Cardiovascular Test( Ventrilia)

• Identifies numerous genetic changes that cause a wide range of cardiovascular conditions

• Superior technology that yields accurate results

• Provides comprehensive reports

• Early detection allows for timely intervention and guides toward more effective treatment

• Painless, non-invasive sample collection

Infertility Test (Rodinia)

• Identifies infertility-causing genetic changes

• Provides deep insight that cannot be obtained with non-genetic tests

• Determines the genetic cause of infertility to help you to get the best therapy for you to increase your chances of conception

• Painless and non-invasive collection method

• Delivers time-sensitive and cost-effective genetic information

Hereditary Cancer (PreSENTIA )

• Detects multiple cancer types and repeated cancers

• Assesses clinically important mutations

• Provides specialised diagnosis to determine your chances of developing cancer

• Can help with early diagnosis to provide the best chances of prevention and control

• Choice of multiple panels available

• Reliable technology

Neonatal Screening (Oreana)

• Can be used to detect genetic diseases in new-borns, infants or children before the onset of symptoms

• Provides timely detection, allowing you to make informed and early decisions

• Detects 106 conditions that are treatable or manageable

• Results are reported quickly to accommodate for timely and effective interventions

• High precision and accuracy

• Non-invasive, painless, and completely safe for the infant

Carrier Screening (Adventia)

• Minimises your risk of transmitting genetic diseases to your children

• Can be carried out on any individual or couple, and during pregnancy

• Prenatal diagnosis during pregnancy to find out whether your child has a genetic disease

• Buccal cheek swab sample ensures pain-free collection

• Detects 19 genetic diseases

• Early intervention allows for effective therapies where available

• Better clinical management for affected children

• Results available within 2-3 weeks

New Generation NIPT (VERACITY)

• Detects foetal chromosomal aneuploidies and microdeletions

• 10ml blood sample – non-invasive and safe

• A higher detection rate (>99%) than the current combined test offered to pregnant women

• Can accurately detect trisomies such as Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau syndrome

• Suitable for singleton and twin pregnancies

• Suitable for IVF pregnancies

• Safe for both mother and foetus

• Results available within 7 working days from the sample arriving in the lab