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Warticon Cream 0.15%w/w - Intimate Warts Solution & Cream

About this product

  • Effective genital wart treatment
  • Works in around 3 days
  • Easy to use solution

Warticon Cream 0.15%w/w - Intimate Warts Solution & Cream

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Warticon Cream 0.15%w/w - Intimate Warts Solution & CreamBuy Warticon Cream or Solution  Online UK

Warticon Cream or Solution Online Pharmacy 4U. To order Warticon please complete a quick online assessment to ensure that they are right for you. Once you have completed the assessmenn and placing your order, our pharmacy team will prepare and send your medication to the address you have provided. Next Day Delivery Available

Why Warticon for genital warts treatment?

  • Warticon is a proven topical treatment for genital warts.
  • Applied directly to the affected area for 3-day treatment cycles.
  • Contains podophyllotoxin, which kills the virus causing genital warts.
  • Can clear genital warts within 4 to 5 weeks.
  • Comes in cream or solution form, with an applicator.

Genital Warts

Genital warts are the most common sexual transmitted infection (STI) caused by HPV (types 6 and 11). Typically transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, especially during sexual activity. Fortunately, these HPV types don't cause cancer. Treatments can get rid of  genital warts. But once you have genital warts and HPV, you can always transmit the STI to others. So, take effective treatment, use condoms and practice safe sex.

Genital warts can appear in various areas including:

  • Penis and scrotum (in males).
  • Vagina, vulva, vaginal lips (labia minora and labia majora), and cervix (in females).
  • Anus
  • Groin area.
  • Rectum.
  • Lips, mouth, tongue, or throat (if transmitted during oral sex).

It's important to get a diagnosis and effective treatment for genital warts to reduce the risk of passing the infection to sexual partners. Warticon cream or solution is a highly recommended treatment for genital warts by doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Warticon wart treatment

Warticon is a topical treatment prescribed to treat genital warts. The active ingredient in Warticon is podophyllotoxin, which works by attacking the HPV virus that causes genital warts. Warticon stops the HPV virus from replicating and spreading, resulting in the warts dying and new, healthy tissue grows instead.

Warticon is suitable for treatment on the external skin of the penis, vagina, or surrounding area of the groin. It should not be used internally and it is not licensed for use around the anus. With the recommended treatment course of Warticon (two applications per day, 12 hours apart, for three consecutive days per week), genital warts should be fully gone within four to five weeks.

Warticon effectiveness

Usually, warts disappear after 4 weeks of using Warticon, but some patients may need longer treatment. If warts persist after 4 weeks, contact us via your Patient Record or see your GP. Using a double dose won't make it work better or faster. To be effective, Warticon must be used as prescribed, and warts may reappear after treatment.

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You can safely buy Condyline online at our online store. We at Pharmacy4u sell the original and genuine product. You can buy Condyline quickly and hassle-free. We provide all our services from consultation to prescription completely FREE with no hidden fees.

Condyline, a topical, clear cutaneous treatment used to treat genital Warts (cutaneous meaning "affecting the skin"), is a solution that's both transparent and effective.

The active ingredient in Condyline is podophyllotoxin. It prevents warts from growing and dividing. Condyline is a popular and highly effective treatment that often improves genital warts in three days. Both men and women can use Condyline. You can order Condyline online without visiting a doctor.

An infection with HPV, also known as the human papillomavirus, can cause genital warts. Warts are small, benign growths that occur around the vagina and penis. These growths are most common in vaginal and anal sex but can also spread through non-penetrative contact.

Although warts aren't dangerous or potentially fatal, many people want to get rid of them using Condyline. HPV is the most commonly transmitted sexually infection. Studies show that approximately half of all sexually active people will become infected at some point with HPV. Genital warts occur slightly more frequently in women than they are for men.

The Condyline solution can be used simply. The enclosed Patient Information Leaflet contains more information about Condyline.

Follow these instructions to learn how to use Condyline:

Use soap and water to wash the affected areas and dry them thoroughly before applying the Condyline solution;
Wash your hands and dry them;
Apply the Condyline solution to the applicator and then carefully place it on a cluster of warts;
Let this dry, and then continue with all other warts;
Limit to 50 drops of the solution;
Do not apply the solution to healthy skin, you can apply vaseline to protect the skin around warts if you are concerned about it;
After using Condyline, wash your hands well; and
After each use, ensure that you replace the cap.

Condyline should only be used twice daily, with a 12-hour break between each application or as soon as you can. If it's almost time for the next treatment, you can skip the missed one and continue as usual.

Condyline will be prescribed for three days. You may need to continue the three-day regimen if your warts do not resolve. It can be extended if necessary to four or five more weeks (maximum).

Even if your warts clear up, it is vital to continue with the prescribed treatment. It will lower the chance of the infection returning in the future.

Condyline cutaneous treatment should be applied only externally - it shouldn't be applied to soft mucous membrane tissues such as the vaginal or anus. Avoid contact with eyes, nostrils, or lips.

If you have questions regarding Condyline treatment or the application of the solution, please refer to the patient information leaflet.

Consult your doctor before taking Condyline if any of the following applies to you:

You are allergic to podophyllotoxin and any of its ingredients;
You are either pregnant or nursing;
You are allergic to other products that contain podophyllin;
After a recent operation, you still have open wounds in the area affected by it.

Condyline should not be applied to damaged skin or skin that is prone to infection. Condyline should not be used on the anus unless you are under medical supervision.

Be careful if you have warts that cover more than 4cm. Condyline can cause side effects in other parts of the body if used on large areas over a prolonged period of time.

Avoid contact with your eyes, nostrils, or lips.

Condyline is a mixture of alcohol and is therefore flammable.

Before you take any new medication, please read the Product Information Leaflet and all packaging. Also, inform your doctor about any medications that you are currently taking.

If you follow the instructions, Condyline is safe to use. There are very few side effects. Condyline is safe and effective for treating genital warts.

Like any other medicine, Condyline may cause the following side effects:

Burning/tingling or stinging sensation on application
Pain in the affected area
Redness in the affected area
Irritation of the affected area (including burning, itching or pain)

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