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Durex Extra Safe - 12 Condoms

About Description

  • Dotted and ribbed
  • Has added stimulating gel
  • Increases pleasure

Durex Extra Safe - 12 Condoms

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Designed to offer you maximum protection, Durex Extra Safe condoms are slightly thicker and extra lubricated for comfort, enabling you to enjoy great sex with added peace of mind. Relax and let yourself go.

Each easy-on condom provides a solid barrier to sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy — but not to your sexual pleasure! 

Remember, no method of contraception works 100% against pregnancy, HIV or sexually

Durex Extra Safe - 12 Condoms

Designed to offer you maximum protection, Durex Extra Safe condoms are slightly thicker and extra lubricated for comfort, enabling you to enjoy great sex with added peace of mind. Relax and let yourself go.

Each easy-on condom provides a solid barrier to sexually transmitted infections. It's good to be in the know, so read the info inside, mainly if you use condoms for anal or oral sex.

  • Made with a slightly thicker latex and extra lubrication
  • Easy-on, teat-ended, smooth shape
  • Durex quality: 100% electronically tested with five more quality tests carried out on every batch

Please note condom packaging may vary.

How to use Durex Extra Safe Condoms 

  • Before you get going, Before you use this condom, check the expiry date on the condom wrapper. If the individual container is damaged, throw that one away and use a new one from an entire package. 
  • Put a condom on before the penis touches the other person. This helps to prevent pregnancy and the possibility of catching sexually transmitted infections during vaginal, anal or oral sex.
  • With the roll outside, squeeze the teat and place the condom on the tip of the erect penis.
  • Roll down to the base. Stop and check if you feel the condom slipping off or too tight on the penis because this might lead to breakage. 
  • It would be best if you took the condom off soon after ejaculation. Hold the condom firmly at the base of the penis before pulling it out.
  • Throw it into a bin. Don't flush down the toilet.

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    You can safely buy Durex Intense Condoms online at our online store. We at Pharmacy4u sell the original and genuine product. You can buy Durex Intense Condoms quickly and hassle-free. We provide all our services from consultation to prescription completely FREE with no hidden fees.

    Durex Intense condoms will take your orgasms up a notch. These condoms have strategically placed dots and ribs that make it easy to stimulate her in the right places. Durex Intense Condoms have a stimulating lubricant gel that will intensify the pleasure and increase her chances of reaching the big O. It is the perfect product for those who want to elevate their orgasms.

    Durex Intense condoms are ideal for women who want to have more intense orgasms. Durex Intense Condoms are great for women who struggle to have an orgasm.

    Durex Intense Condoms can be used for oral sex. The lubricant that coats these condoms is fresh and minty. This lubricant can also cause a tingling sensation on the skin. You may not like this sensation if you are performing oral sex with a partner who is wearing it.

    These condoms can be used to provide both pleasure and protection against HIV, pregnancy, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

    Durex Intense Condoms are standard in size, measuring 195mm long by 56mm wide. Couples can focus on their relationship and enjoy the moment, knowing that their protection is enhanced. Durex Intense Condoms has an easy-on design for a more comfortable and secure fit.

    Durex Intense condoms have been electronically tested and found to offer greater protection than standard condoms. You can enjoy sex and not worry about possible consequences.

    These natural condoms are perfectly compatible with lubricants, stimulating gels, as well as sex toys for extra fun and intense lubrication.

    Almost all of the Durex condoms can be used together with lubricants or adult toys. However, it is important to verify before you use them as some lubricants can cause damage to the latex.

    Make sure you use the condom before you go underwater or in the shower. You should also be aware that oils, perfumes, and other bath products can cause damage to latex which might take away the confidence of you being fully protected. Always use products that do not damage latex.

    Durex Intense Condoms is a preventive method of contraception, it only prevents the sperm from entering into the vagina, but it doesn’t contain spermicide.

    It protects you from getting a sexually transmitted infection.

    Keep it in a dry, cool place.

    If the expiry date printed on the original packaging has expired, do not use it. Condoms expire due to the material they're made from, so make sure you verify the expiry date before using them.

    Ensure that the condoms are not damaged or torn before using them, as it can reduce their effectiveness in protecting against pregnancy and STIs.

    Latex may cause allergic reactions in some people. If you or your partner are experiencing this, stop using latex immediately and look into other options of safe sex.

    Keep it out of reach and sight of children.

    Pharmacy4u is the best UK pharmacy to buy the Durex Intense Condoms online. Order before 3 pm to receive your Durex Intense Condoms the next day.

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