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  • Tests for disease-causing genetic changes that cause serious health problems
  • Identifies the best therapy for you that can reduce or improve symptoms and chronic complications
  • Utilizes superior technology that yields accurate results
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Evartia Metabolic Home Test Kit (Evartia)

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Metabolic pathways have pivotal roles in keeping our bodies healthy. Their many actions include producing energy and taking the necessary nutrients from the foods we consume. When a mutation (Genetic Change) occurs in a metabolic pathway, it can lead to either accumulation of toxic substances in our body or insucient production of required products that keep us healthy and functional. As a result, metabolic diseases can affect our health and development, and cause acute and chronic complications.

Evartia Metabolic Test is a 

  • Buccal Swab 

Symptoms of metabolic diseases include:

Symptoms of inherited metabolic diseases usually appear shortly after birth. However, depending on the mutation, the metabolic pathway involved and the severity of the condition, some people with inherited metabolic diseases can develop symptoms in early or late adulthood.

WHAT IS Evartia?

Evartia is a new genetic test that detects genetic mutations (changes) that cause inherited metabolic diseases in people.

Evartia metabolic test covers the major categories of inherited metabolic diseases and is offered as a single, detailed panel of 223 genes involved in metabolic pathways.

People with inherited metabolic diseases can have a range of symptoms, with variable expressivity and age of onset. Symptoms can manifest shortly after birth or at infancy, childhood, adolescence or adulthood. Symptoms can also occur suddenly due to specific foods or medications, dehydration, illnesses or other factors. With Evartia, if you have an inherited metabolic disorder, detecting and managing it early can prevent or reduce symptoms, avoid chronic health consequences and improve your quality of life.

Evartia can help you identify:

  • Diseases you may currently have
  • What is your prognosis (how the disease will progress based on the specific mutation you have)
  • What is the best treatment and clinical management for you
  • What complications you should be aware of
  • How it will affect your life
  • Who in your family should be tested
  • Who can help you (specialized doctors, dieticians, support groups)

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Inherited Metabolic Diseases, also known as Inborn Errors of Metabolism, are genetic conditions that affect a person’s metabolism. They can lead to either accumulation of toxic substances in our body, or insufficient production of required products that keep us healthy and functional.

Inherited Metabolic Diseases are individually rare but collectively numerous. They occur in about 1 in 2500 infants.

Complications of Inherited Metabolic Diseases include abdominal pain, lethargy, vomiting, psychological or neurological symptoms, vision Disturbances, impaired kidney function, heart problems, abnormal movements, behavioral or learning issues, distinctive facial features, and recurrent infections.

Symptoms of inherited metabolic diseases usually appear shortly after birth, and sometimes in early or late adulthood. There is great variability in the symptoms and the severity of symptoms caused by metabolic diseases. Importantly, adults and children with the same metabolic disorder may have different symptoms. In addition, the misconception that metabolic diseases only affect babies and young children, leaves many adults suffering from metabolic diseases unrecognized and undetected.

As Inherited Metabolic Diseases have variable symptoms, detecting an inherited metabolic disorder in an individual is not always straightforward. The usual pathway of identifying a metabolic disease involves lengthy and complicated biochemical or enzymatic tests. Such tests rely on reference intervals which may not always be suitable for the individual's age, gender or current state of health – whether they are in the middle of a metabolic episode or not. Additionally, invasive brain or muscle tissue biopsy might be needed. Often, they also require a genetic test to confirm the mutation. With Evartia, you are one simple, painless and reliable test away from taking informed and accurate decisions on the best clinical management for you.

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