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Canesoasis Cystitis Relief
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About Description

  • Relieves irritation and burning
  • Makes urination less painful
  • Pleasant cranberry flavour

Canesoasis Cystitis Relief 4g x 6 Sachets

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You can be confident that you are choosing the right cystitis symptoms relief

CanesOasis Cystitis relief is a 48-hour course that helps to relieve cystitis discomfort by making the urine more acidic. CanesOasis comes in cranberry flavour. It also has easy-to-use sachets. Contains 6 Sachets

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    Canesoasis is a two-day course for the treatment of Cystitis (or Urinary Tract Infection). It relieves symptoms of Cystitis and makes it easier to use the toilet. This 2-day treatment can give you quick relief when it is most needed.

    Canesoasis Cystitis Relief Granules contain sodium citrate, the active ingredient. It reduces the acidity of your urine, which means that you will feel less irritation when you use the bathroom.

    Mix one sachet of cystitis treatment with 200ml of water. Drink immediately. For two days, take one sachet three times daily. If your symptoms persist for more than 2 days, do not continue with this treatment. Instead, consult your doctor.

    For two days, take the contents of the sachet three times daily. This medicine should only be used for women and should not have to be taken by children or men.

    Side effects are rare with CanesOasis Cystitis Relief. If you do experience side effects, stop using CanesOasis Cystitis Relief immediately and consult your doctor.

    Consult your doctor before taking Canesoasis Cystitis Relief if any of the following applies to you:

    you are allergic to sodium citrate or any other ingredients of this medicine or to any other medicine;
    you are pregnant, trying to be pregnant or breastfeeding;
    you are taking any prescription, non-prescription or herbal medicine to treat your condition;
    you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disorder or liver disorder; or
    you are on a salt-restricted diet.

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