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Calpol Oral Suspension

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  • High Temperatures
  • Relieves Pain
  • Suspension Brings

Calpol Infant Strawberry Flavoured Sugar Free Suspension 100ml

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Calpol Infant Suspension brings down high temperatures and relieves pain in most babies over 2 months and children up to 6 years.

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  • Calpol Infant Strawberry Flavoured Sugar Free Suspension

    Calpol Infant Suspension helps relieve pain and fever in children aged from 3 months to 6 years, as well as babies aged 2 months who are over 4kg and were born after 37 weeks.

    The delicious strawberry flavoured liquid contains paracetamol to relieve pain and / or bring down fever (high temperature) in many conditions including post-immunisation fever, teething, headache, cold and flu, toothache, earache, sore throat and other aches and pains.

    Calpol Infant Sugar Free Suspension is free from sugar and is supplied with a syringe for quick and easy dosing.

  • For oral use only. 
  • It is important to shake the bottle for at least 10 seconds before use.
  • Always use the syringe supplied with the pack. Place the syringe inside the child's mouth against the cheek and press the plunger slowly to gently release the medicine.
For children aged over 3 months, you can give the appropriate dose up to 4 times a day, leaving at least 4 hours between doses:
  • Children aged 3-6 months: 2.5ml
  • Children aged 6-24 months: 5ml
  • Children aged 2-4 years: 7.5ml (5ml + 2.5ml)
  • Children aged 4-6 years: 10ml (5ml + 5ml)
  • Babies aged 2-3 months: Only give for post-vaccination fever, or other causes of pain and fever if your baby weighs over 4kg and was born after 37 weeks. Give 2.5ml and if necessary, a second 2.5ml dose after 4-6 hours. Do not give more than 2 doses.
Do not give this medicine to your child for more than 3 days without speaking to your doctor or pharmacist.

Speak to your doctor:
  • If your baby needs more than the doses shown in the table.
  • As soon as possible if fever doesn't go away.
  • Straight away if you are not sure of the cause of your child's illness or it is accompanied by a rash, breathing difficulties, diarrhoea or excessive tiredness or lethargy. Do not give Calpol until you get medical advice.

  • Active Ingredient: Paracetamol 120mg per 5ml.
  • Other Ingredients: Maltitol Liquid, Glycerol, Polysorbate 80, Sorbitol Solution (E420), Methyl Parahydroxybenzoate (E218), Propyl Parahydroxybenzoate (E216), Ethyl Parahydroxybenzoate (E214), Dispersible Cellulose, Xanthan Gum and Purified Water. The flavouring is strawberry and colouring is Carmoisine (E122).

  • Methyl (E218), propyl (E216) and ethyl (E214) parahydroxybenzoate may cause allergic reactions which could possibly be delayed.
  • The sorbitol (E420) and maltitol content of this product means that this product is unsuitable for people with inherited intolerance to fructose. 
  • Maltitol may have a mild laxative effect. It has a calorific value of 2.3kcal/g.
  • Carmoisine (E122) may cause allergic reactions.
Do not give this medicine to a child that:
  • Has ever had a bad reaction to any of the ingredients.
  • Is taking anything else with paracetamol in it.
  • Is between 2-3 months old and is taking this medicine for other causes of pain and fever and weighs less than 4kg or was born before 37 weeks.
Talk to your doctor or pharmacist:
  • If your child has serious kidney or liver problems.
  • If your child has an inherited intolerance to fructose or been diagnosed with an intolerance to some other sugars.
  • If your child is taking any other medicines including:
    • Metoclopramide or domperidone (used to treat nausea and vomiting).
    • Colestyramine (used to treat high cholesterol).
    • Anticoagulants (drugs that thin the blood, such as warfarin).
    • Anticonvulsants (drugs to treat epilepsy).
The following additional warnings are included in case an adult takes this product:
  • You can use this medicine while you are taking oral contraceptives ('the pill'), but it may not work so well on your pain or fever.
  • If you drink large amounts of alcohol, you may be more open to the side effects of paracetamol.
  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking this medicine if you might be pregnant or breastfeeding.

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