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Struggle with hangovers?
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What is myrkl?

Myrkl is a miracle supplement that helps you to feel refreshed the day after a night out. The result of over 30 years of research and development, the ingredients in Myrkl work to help make you feel better after a night of moderate social drinking. Made with all-natural, vegan ingredients and enriched with vitamin B12, Myrkl helps to reduce the effects of tiredness and fatigue.

75% of customers report seeing a significant benefit when using the Myrkl pill supplement and they keep coming back for more.

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Scientifically tested - food supplement, the result of 30 years of R&D
Natural and vegan
High performing - patented formula
Contains Vitamin B12, which reduces tiredness and fatigue
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How to use Myrkl
Dubbed the ‘miracle hangover cure’ and ‘an act of God’ by users, Myrkl is a new, cutting-edge pill that everyone is raving about. Trusted by 75% of users, this scientifically tested food supplement contains only natural, vegan ingredients that are legal and completely safe for consumption.

Take two pills an hour or two before drinking and wake up refreshed the next morning. Scientific studies have shown that the patented AB001 formula within Myrkl reduces the absorption of alcohol into the body. Reduce tiredness and fatigue and prevent that next day dread after a night out with Myrkl, the miracle hangover pill.
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Don't just take our word for it

‘Don’t forget to take 2 capsules long enough before and they really work’
Dave, UK
‘Had some great experiences with this after a few drinks mid-week, waking up feeling fresh & good-to-go.’
Barry, UK
‘Worked a treat. Will definitely be a repeat customer’
Danny, UK

Results you can trust

De Faire Medical has invented the first formula in human history that shows promising results of breaking down alcohol effectively before it reaches the liver, preventing hangover-like symptoms. Myrkl works by using the groundbreaking, patented AB001TM formula, which works to break down up to 70% of alcohol within 60 minutes of consumption (and 50% after 30 minutes).

How it works

When launched in the UK, Myrkl sold out within 24 hours and continues to fly off the shelves each time we restock! Buy now to avoid missing out and be sure to take advantage of our incredible discounts!

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