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Spiolto Respimat
Spiolto Respimat

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Spiolto Respimat

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Spiolto Respirmat is a treatment for COPD that prevents breathlessness and reduces the frequency of sudden attacks. Spiolto Respimat's active ingredient (a bronchodilator), becomes effective when it is taken daily. It relaxes the muscles of the lungs and airways to make it easier for air to flow in and out.

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Spiolto Respimat, a medicine used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), is also known as bronchitis and emphysema.

Spiolto Respirmat prevents breathlessness and reduces the frequency of sudden attacks.

The medication's active ingredient (a bronchodilator), becomes effective when it is taken daily. It relaxes the muscles in the lungs, airways and lungs, making it easier to breathe in air.

COPD can cause severe breathing problems and can make daily living difficult.

Spiolto Respimat can help with these conditions. The medicine's effectiveness will increase as you continue to take it each day.

This medication is not meant to be a quick fix. You should not use this medication if you have a sudden attack of wheeziness or breathlessness.

Spiolto Respimat can only be prescribed by a doctor. Follow the instructions of your doctor. Also, make sure to read the information leaflet in the medication package.

Before you start taking this medication, your doctor or nurse will show you how to use the inhaler properly. There is a mouthpiece on the top of the inhaler, a cap to keep it from being used and a front indicator that lets you know how many doses remain.

Hold the inhaler upright until you hear a click. Take a deep breath, open the cap and place the inhaler into your mouth.

Take a deep, steady inhale. Next, press the dose-release button at the top of your inhaler. Hold your breath for 10 seconds. Take the inhaler out of your mouth and exhale slowly. Continue this process for the second puff, and then close the cap. After using the medication, clean your mouth and brush your teeth.

Spiolto Respimat has the active ingredients tiotropium, olodaterol at a dose strength of 2.5/2.5 micrograms, respectively.

Two puffs of the medicine should be taken once daily. The medicine's effects last for 24 hours, so it is best to take two at a time. Follow the instructions of your doctor. Do not take any other dose unless instructed to.

This medication is preventative and is not meant to cure COPD. It should be taken every day, not only when you have breathing difficulties.

You should not forget to use your Spiolto Respirmat. However, skip the missed dose and go straight to the next one. Do not double your dose to make up the one you missed.

Spiolto Respimat should not be taken in excess. You should immediately contact your pharmacist or doctor. Overdose can cause your heart to beat faster, visual disturbances, dry mouth and dry eyes.

It is important to first consult your doctor before taking Spiolto Respimat if you have or had any of the following situations:

if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of this medicine;
if you are allergic to any other medicine;
if you are suffering from asthma;
if you have diabetes, heart failure, kidney disorder or liver disorder;
if you are suffering from high blood pressure;
if you are suffering from epilepsy;
if you have thyrotoxicosis;
if you have an aneurysm;
if you are to undergo anaesthesia or major surgery;
if you have an eye difficulty;
if you have difficulty passing urine;
if you are taking any prescription, non-prescription or herbal medicine; or
if you are pregnant, trying to be pregnant or breastfeeding.

Spiolto Respimat is a continuous medication and can not be relied on in case of an attack of breathlessness. Carry a fast-acting “rescue” inhaler for such circumstances.

Spiolto Respimat may cause the following side effects:

dryness of mouth
severe headache
high blood pressure
abnormal heart beat

If any of these or other side effects persist or worsen, such as worsening of breathing ability, rash or swelling of the mouth and face, then consult your doctor immediately.

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