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Sirdupla (Fluticasone + Salmetarol) Evohaler
buy Sirdupla online cheap (Fluticasone + Salmetarol) Evohaler.
buy Sirdupla (Fluticasone + Salmetarol) Evohaler.

About this product

  • Asthma Prevention
  • Active Ingredients: Fluticasone Propionate and Salmetarol Xinafoate
  • Reduces swelling, inflammation and irritation in the lungs
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Sirdupla (Fluticasone/Salmetarol) Evohaler

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Sirdupla is made up of two active substances: fluticasone propionate and salmeterol. Salmeterol, a long-acting bronchodilator, is known as salmeterol. Bronchodilators keep the lungs' airways open. This allows air to flow more easily. These effects last at most 12 hours.

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Sirdupla is a medication that can be used to treat severe asthma or other breathing problems.

Sirdupla is an asthma treatment that prevents attacks of breathlessness and reduces flare-ups.

The medication's active ingredient help keeping the airways open in the lungs, which makes it easier for air to flow in and out. It allows for normal breathing. Corticosteroids are also included in the medication to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Asthma and breathing difficulties can make life difficult and even impossible. In addition, experiencing anxiety or panic attacks can cause severe pain and worry.

Sirdupla can help with these conditions. The active ingredients last at least 12 hours.

This medication is a preventive measure, not a quick fix. In the case of an attack of wheeziness or breathlessness, it will not work, carry a quick-acting "rescue inhaler" for such cases.

Sirdupla inhalers can only be prescribed by a doctor. Follow the instructions of your doctor and read the patient information leaflet in the medication package.

Before you start taking this medication, your doctor or pharmacist will show you how to use the inhaler properly. Sirdupla is an inhaler that consists of a silica capsule inside a plastic container with a mouthpiece. There is also a dose indicator at the front to show you how many puffs are left.

Stand or sit straight up to administer the dose. Take off the mouthpiece cover and shake it well. Then, exhale as far as you feel comfortable. Place the inhaler between your teeth, without biting it. Close your lips around the inhaler. To release the medicine, you will need to inhale deeply and slowly. After holding your breath for a few seconds, take the inhaler out of your mouth and slowly exhale. You should wait for a few seconds before you take another puff. After that, replace the cover of the mouthpiece.

After using the medication, wash your mouth and brush your teeth. The residual medication can cause a strange taste or even thrush.

Sirdupla contains active ingredients salmeterol, fluticasone propionate and a delivery dose of 25/125 micrograms each.

Two inhalations per day are recommended. They should be spaced out (12 hours apart, as that is the time the medication lasts). This inhaler is only recommended for adults. Your doctor will determine the strength of your inhaler according to your symptoms. You should not change this dose unless you are specifically instructed.

The dose indicator counts down each time you use your inhaler. If the numbers drop, it is time to visit your doctor for a replacement.

You should not forget to take your Sirdupla Inhaler. However, skip the missed dose and go straight to the next one. Do not double your dose to make up the one you missed.

You should not take Sirdupla more than you should. Contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately. Overdose can cause your heart to beat faster, shake more, and even have headaches.

Consult your doctor before taking Sirdupla if any of the following applies to you:

you are allergic to any of the other ingredients of this medicine or to any other medicine;
you experience symptoms such as wheezing, swelling of the face, tongue or throat, intense itching or severe skin rashes with previous treatment;
you have diabetes, heart failure, kidney disorder or liver disorder;
you are taking treatment with a blood pressure-lowering medicine;
you have an overactive thyroid gland;
You have low levels of potassium in your blood;
you have or had tuberculosis (TB);
you are taking any prescription, non-prescription or herbal medicine; or
you are pregnant, trying to be pregnant or breastfeeding.

Sirdupla is a continuous medication and can not be relied upon in case of an attack of breathlessness. Carry a fast-acting “rescue” inhaler with you for such circumstances.

Like any other medicine, Sirdupla may cause the following side effects:

Severe Headache
Thrush in the mouth and throat, sore tongue, hoarse voice and throat irritation
Swollen and pain in joints
Muscle pain
Muscle cramps
Bruising and fractures
Inflammation of sinuses
Decrease in potassium in the blood

If any of these or other side effects persist or worsen, such as worsening of breathing ability, fainting or skin reactions, then consult your doctor immediately.

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