icon Blistex ultra lip balm SPF 50+ (4.25g)
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Blistex ultra lip balm SPF 50+ (4.25g)

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  • Blistex Relief Cream is a medicated
  • quick relief of occasional cold sores

Blistex ultra lip balm SPF 50+ (4.25g)

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Blistex Ultra Lip Balm SPF 50+ offers robust sun protection, providing a highly effective defense for your lips against both UVA and UVB rays. Formulated with the added benefits of antioxidant vitamin C and E, this lip balm goes beyond sunblock, imparting nourishing elements to enhance the overall health of your lips. Its advanced formula not only shields your lips from the harmful effects of the sun but also contributes to the preservation of their natural moisture.

How does Blistex lip balm works?

The infusion of antioxidant vitamins C and E elevates the protective qualities of this lip balm, working in tandem to combat the oxidative stress caused by exposure to the sun. Vitamin C, known for its brightening and revitalizing properties, joins forces with vitamin E, celebrated for its role in promoting skin health and combating free radicals. Together, they create a dynamic combination that not only shields your lips from the sun’s damaging rays but also provides essential nutrients to maintain their suppleness and resilience.
Moreover, Blistex Ultra Lip Balm SPF 50+ goes the extra mile by forming a protective barrier that seals in moisture, preventing dehydration and promoting optimal hydration levels. This dual-action approach ensures that your lips not only stay safeguarded from sun-induced damage but also enjoy lasting moisturization.

Incorporating this lip balm into your daily skincare routine becomes an essential step in maintaining the health and beauty of your lips. With its high SPF factor and antioxidant-rich composition, Blistex Ultra Lip Balm becomes a reliable companion, offering comprehensive protection and nourishment for your lips against the harsh effects of sun exposure. Prioritize the health and well-being of your lips by embracing the advanced sun defense and moisturizing capabilities of Blistex Ultra Lip Balm.

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Blistex Relief Cream 5g

Blistex Relief Cream is a medicated cream for quick relief of occasional cold sores, cracked, chapped and sore lips, leaving your lips feeling soft again. You are more vulnerable to developing a cold sore if you are feeling stressed or rundown. Your lips are more sensitive during extreme weather conditions, so may need a little more care than normal.

For cold sores: When symptoms arise, gently apply every hour to rapidly relieve any discomfort.

: Apply Blistex Relief Cream frequently to quickly relieve sore, cracked and chapped lips.

Active ingredients: Aromatic Ammonia Solution B.P 6.04%, Strong Ammonia Solution B.P 0.1%, Liquefied Phenol B.P 0.494%.

Also contains: White Soft Paraffin, Modified Lanolin, Sorbitan Palmitate, Polysorbate 40, Peppermint Oil, Sodium Saccarin, Ethanol 96%, Racemic Camphor, Cineole, Purified Water.

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