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Opioid Policy

Our policy in relation to opioid painkillers

Our policy in relation to opioid painkillers

Opioid painkillers, like codeine, dihydrocodeine, tramadol, co-codamol and co-dydramol, may be addictive and United Healthcare 4U Ltd (www.online-pharmacy4u.co.uk) must ensure they are being used in a safe and appropriate manner. As a result, United Healthcare 4U Ltd (www.online-pharmacy4u.co.uk) follows the instructions listed below:

Only 1 form of opioid painkiller is going to be provided to a customer at any 1 time.

In order for a prescription to be issued by a physician, you'll have to provide detailed information in your ailment. By way of instance, in the event that you just enter 'pain' as the reason for requiring the drugs, your order may be delayed or even cancelled.

There is a maximum number of tablets/caplets/capsules that'll be doled out to a customer in any 1 order. United Healthcare 4U Ltd (www.online-pharmacy4u.co.uk) follows the dosage guidelines recommended in the British National Formulary (BNF). These tips are listed alongside each kind of opioid painkiller. It is possible to refer to them when adding a product to your basket.

As per point 2 above, to make sure that BNF dose guidelines have been followed, if an order is placed early, then order will be held with payment and just released at the correct moment.

If we become aware that a customer has ordered from United Healthcare 4U Ltd (www.online-pharmacy4u.co.uk) and by other suppliers at the same time, we will reduce or cancel the purchase so that the total amount of medication provided to any 1 person does not exceed the most BNF dosage guidelines.

Clients are expected to use their own card to pay for an opioid and will have to give evidence of the date of birth in front of a second sequence is dispatched.

United Healthcare 4U Ltd (www.online-pharmacy4u.co.uk) is especially careful in prescribing for younger people i.e. under 25, because it is very uncommon for individuals within this age group to have a state which will require opioid painkillers

For individuals 21 and beneath consent will be requested from their GP before we could supply opioid painkillers to them.

In exceptional circumstances customers can utilize someone else's card to pay for an opioid but they'll be required to provide evidence of their date of birth and residence address prior to the present order can be discharged.

The billing address for your card should be just like the delivery address. In occasional instances, a job or vacation address might be used, however, proof may be required.

If several folks request opioid painkillers in the exact same address or within close proximity of a specific speech, then these orders are likely to be refused, and customer accounts shut.

If you're frequently ordering opioid painkillers then you'll frequently be subject to review from the clinical guide prescriber.

On account of the character of controlled drugs such as these, we are unable to offer free delivery options on opioids. That is because we must make sure they reach you at a safe and timely manner, so just next day services are available.

As a responsible provider of prescription drugs, (www.online-pharmacy4u.co.uk) has to take all necessary measures to make sure that people ordering opioid drugs are utilizing them in an appropriate method. Opioid medications are harmful drugs if they are used incorrectly or recreationally and this policy is in place to protect against the medicines we supply from being mistreated in any way.

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