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Glucoflex-R Blood Glucose Test Strips 50s.

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  • Test Strips for TEE2 blood glucose meter

Glucoflex-R Blood Glucose Test Strips 50s

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Glucoflex-R Blood Glucose Test Strips allow you to test your blood glucose levels without the need for a blood glucose monitor.

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Glucoflex-R Blood Glucose Test Strips

Glucoflex-R Blood Glucose Test Strips allow you to test your blood glucose levels without the need for a blood glucose monitor. The test takes just 60 seconds and 0.5uL of capillary blood and the semi-quantitative results are equivalent to those obtained using plasma.

This test has an important timing step. Incorrect timing will give incorrect results. You need a timer or a watch with a second hand, a clean white tissue and a lancing pen with lancet.
  •  Preparation: Wash hands with soap and warm water and dry them thoroughly. If you use an alcohol wipe, make sure your finger is completely dry before testing. Remove a test strip and immediately recap the container. Check the test zone against the "0 Unused" section of the colour chart on the label. If the test zone shows any sign of blue you should discard the test strip.
  • Obtain blood sample: Use your lancing pen according to its instructions to prick your finger. Gently squeeze the selected finger at the base moving toward the tip. This should be
  • repeated several times until you have a large hanging drop of blood (the palm of your hand should be facing down so the drop can hang from the finger).
  • Apply blood: Place the strip on a firm level surface or if preferred hold the strip moving it towards the blood drop. Allowing the drop of blood to hang off the finger, press the drop onto the centre of the two pads, moving it around to ensure complete coverage. Avoid touching the pads with your finger. As soon as you have applied the blood to the pads start timing. Blood should completely cover both pads. If you have smeared the blood or not used sufficient blood to completely cover both the pads then you should repeat the test.
  • Wipe blood off: Exactly 30 seconds after applying the blood, wipe the blood from the test pads with a tissue. Repeat the wipe using a clean region of the tissue. Ensure the test zone is clean of blood. Excess blood left on the pads will affect the result.
  • Read results: After wiping the test zone wait another 30 seconds (1 minute from applying blood), then compare the test zone to the colours on the label chart.
How do I read the result?
  • Results are obtained by comparing the test zone to the colour chart on the label.
  • Use natural light (e.g. stand near a window) when colour matching for best results.
  • When matching colours always ask the question: is the test zone lighter or darker than the colour standard it is being compared to. After deciding move to the next colour standard and repeat until you find the closest match.
  • If the test zone colours lie between two values on the label then calculate the average value, e.g. (7 + 9) / 2 = 8. If the colour does not lie exactly between colour blocks you may approximate the value using your judgement.
  • The test zone will remain stable for 10 minutes. The test may be compared to the label at any time during this period.

  • The measurement range is 20-800 mg/dl (1.1-44.4 mmol/l ). A test result lighter than the 1 mmol/l colour standard is less than 1.1 mmol/l (20 mg/dl). A test result darker than the 44.4 mmol/l colour standard is greater than 44.4 mmol/l (800 mg/dl).
  • Results may be compared directly to lab results. The calibration is traceable to a method of higher metrological order.
  • Use the test strips only between 18 and 35˚C (64 and 95˚F).
  • Use only fresh capillary whole blood from a finger stick. Do not use venous blood, plasma or serum.
  • The test strips are for single use only.
  • Leaving the blood on too long will cause a falsely high result, and wiping the blood off too early will cause a falsely low result.
  • Hematocrit values above 55% can reduce glucose values by as much as 15%. Hematocrit values below 35% can increase glucose values by as much as 10%.
  • Do not touch the test area as it contains chemicals. Wash hands after accidental contact.
  • Do not use test strips if they have expired.
  • Dispose of used test strips in an appropriate container for contaminated waste.
  • The test strips can be checked against the “0 Unused” colour block to see they are in good condition. If any sign of blue is visible, the strip should not be used. 
  • Store Glucoflex-R Test Strips in their original container in a cool, dry place between 2-30˚C (35-85˚F).
  • Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.
  • Do not freeze. If stored in a refrigerator, remove and warm to room temperature before opening.
  • In the original bottle these test strips are stable up to the expiry date. Recap container immediately after removing strips.

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