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Condition Specific Questions

The information you provide us is treated with the utmost confidentiality and will be reviewed by a GPhC registered independent prescriber. The questions listed are to provide the prescriber with an appropriate level of information to make an informed decision on whether the treatment is suitable or not.

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• You have answered all the above questions accurately and truthfully
• You understand the prescriber will take your answers in good faith and base their prescribing decisions accordingly, and that incorrect information can be hazardous to your health
• You will inform your GP of this purchase if appropriate
• You give permission to access your NHS Summary Care Record by our responsible pharmacist in order to identify you correctly, check your medical history and provide the best possible care
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How it works

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You will need to begin by completing an ailment-based consultation. This will be a set of questions related to your symptoms, medical history and any other information our prescribers might need to be able to recommend a suitable treatment.

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Explore our wide range of medications, diagnostic tools and over the counter treatments to learn more about how they work, what they are used for and how much they cost.

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You can either wait on our website or you can leave the page and wait for a notification from us to let you know that a prescriber has finished reviewing your consultation.

4 Purchase treatment

From our selection of available prescription-only and over-the-counter products, the prescriber will let you know which ones they have approved for your condition. From here, you can select your chosen option and continue to payment to complete your order.

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