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TITAN for pharmacy

At Online Pharmacy 4U our Pharmacists are highly-trained professionals who play a vital role in medicines optimization. However, the technology typically used within many pharmacy settings does not support pharmacists in this role.

Our new cutting-edge pharmacy PMR system, Titan, takes pharmacy to a new level of operational capability by creating workflow, streamlining processes and helping pharmacy to deliver advanced services.


Titan is a fully NHS accredited Pharmacy PMR System which fundamentally changes the way that pharmacies work, creating new efficiencies and delivering a platform that opens up new possibilities for the future of the industry.

Unleash the power of pharmacy

Titan is a PMR that aims to free up 80% of the pharmacist from the dispensary through the use of innovative processes, design and technology here at Online Pharmacy 4U, we fully utilized up-to-date systems to enable us to be able to provide the very best efficient services to public nationwide with ease!

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