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Managing Headaches: A Comprehensive Guide to Syndol Tablet

As you start getting ready for work, a dull pain knocks your head from the front. It is happening on a daily basis now. Sometimes the headache is manageable as you have learned self-help techniques over time. On other days, it jumps from being dull to mild or severe pain and feels like building up of pressure at a rapid speed that can make your head explode

Headache :

a throbbing sensation in the head - is one of the most common ailments experienced by many people in different ways. The pain varies in form, location, and severity. According to several medical researches, headaches are mainly the reason behind missing work and school. 

Types of Headaches:

Before looking for headache treatment, it is important to understand the type and possible cause of it. There are nearly more than a hundred types of headaches categorized as;

  • Primary headaches
  • Secondary headaches

Primary headaches are mainly caused by hyperactivity, excessive functioning of pain-sensitive neurons, or lifestyle issues. Secondary headaches are the by-products of some underlying medical conditions. If a person knows what kind of headache he or she usually has, it is easier to suggest a useful treatment. Tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraine headaches are widely experienced by people.

Common Causes:

It is important to note that the most common causes of headaches include;

  • Tension
  • Dehydration
  • Caffeine withdrawal
  • Insomnia
  • Triggering ingredients in food
  • Alcohol
  • Neck or eye strain

However, sometimes it becomes difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. In that case, people are advised to consult a healthcare expert.

Effective pain Relief strategies:

Headaches can be avoided if one is able to associate it with a particular trigger. Going an extra mile to achieve a balanced lifestyle is another way of avoiding it. If a headache still knocks your door then seeking medical help for prescription medication is the right way.

There are several self-help and medicine-care strategies to alleviate constant pain in the head. 

To start with; relaxation, hydration, head massage, sleep, stress management, caffeine intake, placing a cold pack on the forehead for migraine and a hot press on the neck for tension headaches are a few self-help or pill-free strategies.

Medications can also bring you relief from headaches. Some of these are available for consumers at stores without any prescription. These are over-the-counter pain relievers. While others are prescribed by a healthcare expert. These medications work in specific ways depending upon their category. For example, some only work as a pain reliever, while others may help you get rid of headaches permanently by fighting the cause behind the headache.

Generally used simple pain relievers are paracetamol, aspirin, and ibuprofen. Morphine or codeine-based medicines such as Syndol Headache Relief are recommended for tension or migraine headaches.

Syndol is basically a combination of paracetamol, codeine and caffeine. It works for not only headaches but also tooth pain, rheumatic pain, period pain and neuralgia providing quick relief for the short term. It has several advantages over other medicines such as it works quickly, can be given to children above 12 and helps you recover appreciably within 3 days. 

Last Word

Understanding different types of headaches and triggers enables one to choose a specific and effective treatment plan. A general treatment cannot work for all types of headaches. Simple headaches can be treated by pill-free methods while constant or severe pain calls for prescription medication. Healthcare experts may recommend a quick reliever for short-term or long-term medication depending on the history of a patient. On the other hand, efforts to achieve balanced body systems through a healthy diet and lifestyle adjustment can do wonders for headache victims and may save you from suffering.

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