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Male Hormone Blood Test
Male Hormone Health Test
Male Hormone Check Test

About Description

  • influence sex drive, mood, muscle mass, and energy
  • This test can help you track your hormone levels over time

Male Hormone Blood Test

A doctor's comments are included in this test. If you do not require a doctor's comments then you can opt out. In selecting this option, you agree that you have a qualified clinician who can interpret your results.

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The levels of male hormones and adrenal hormones in your blood, which influence sex drive, mood, muscle mass, and energy, are measured by our Male Hormone Blood Test.

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The Male Hormone Blood Test can determine whether a hormonal alteration is to blame for your symptoms (such as low sex drive, mood changes, loss of muscle mass and lack of energy). This test can also determine whether a hormonal change is influencing your fertility. This test can help you track your hormone levels over time and understand how they change in response to food and activity changes. Tracking your hormone levels over time can also reveal whether they are diminishing with age. If you're on testosterone replacement treatment (TRT), this test can tell you if your hormone levels are still within normal limits.

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Hormones (7  Biomarker)

Hormones are chemical messengers that move through your bloodstream and regulate how your body functions.

Hormones regulate a wide range of bodily processes, including growth, metabolism, reproduction, and sleep patterns.


The pituitary gland in the brain makes the hormone LH. It is crucial for both male and female reproduction. Prior to ovulation, LH levels in women reach their peak.


The brain's pituitary gland produces the hormone FSH. For women to produce eggs and for males to produce sperm, this hormone is necessary.

FSH levels in women peak at ovulation and may rise during menopause.


A crucial hormone for both sexes, testosterone controls libido (the desire to engage in sexual activity), muscular mass, fertility, and mood.

The total amount of testosterone in your blood, including free and bound testosterone, is measured by this biomarker.


The main sex hormone for women is oestradiol, which is also a crucial hormone for men. It is a hormone class known as oestrogen that promotes strong bones, breast tissue, and the reproductive system.

Free Androgen Index

The male sex hormones known as androgens are also found in women. The majority of androgens are protein-bound, which prevents our bodies from using them.

The amount of androgens in your blood that are "free" (unbound), or available for your body to use, is estimated by measuring FAI.

Free Testosterone Calc.

Your blood contains some testosterone that is linked to proteins, making it unavailable to your body's cells.

Less testosterone is 'unbound' in your blood, which means that it is accessible for usage by your body cells. Free testosterone is another name for unbound testosterone.


The brain's pituitary gland produces the hormone prolactin. Its main objective is to increase milk production following childbirth.

Prolactin is known to affect more than 300 more bodily processes in both men and women.

Proteins (2 Biomarker)

Proteins are involved in a wide range of bodily processes, including muscle growth, immune system function, and cell maintenance. Measuring protein levels can assist our doctors in interpreting your blood results because they can provide a variety of health-related information.


The majority of sex hormones, including oestrogen and testosterone, bind to SHBG in the blood. Our body is unable to utilise hormones when they are attached to SHBG. Finding out if your hormone levels are appropriate for you can be done by measuring your SHBG levels.


The most prevalent protein in your blood is albumin. Albumin is produced by the liver and serves as a carrier for other vital blood constituents like minerals and hormones.

Adrenal Hormones (1 Biomarker)

The body's various organs are impacted by adrenal hormones.

They circulate in your blood and affect both metabolism and how your body handles stress.

DHEA sulphate

Both men and women's adrenal glands produce DHEA sulphate, a hormone.

The sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen are produced using it as a crucial precursor (component).

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