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  • Effective treatment
  • Treats inflammation
  • Helps to manage the skin condition
  • Psoriasis Treatment
  • Prescription Only
  • Also available in a 30g tube
  • Topical application

Betamethasone Ointment

Betamethasone Ointment 0.1% 100g Topically applied corticosteroid that contains betamethasone (0.1% W/W) as valerate. It's used to reduce redness and itching in certain skin conditions.

Betamethasone Ointment 0.1% 100g It should not be accessible or seen by children. It should not exceed 25 degrees Celsius.

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Betamethasone Ointment topical treats inflamed skin effectively. It contains the active ingredient known as Betamethasone, which helps in reducing the itching and redness associated with common skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis, and Dermatitis.

Betamethasone is a generic form of Betnovate, formulated with the same ingredients. You may buy both the Betamethasone and Betnovate online at Pharmacy4u.

Betamethasone is a form of topical corticosteroid or topical steroid that effectively treats and manages your skin conditions. It is advisable to use topical steroids in combination with your regular moisturiser, do not replace it with your regular moisturiser.

Betamethasone relieves skin inflammation, flare-ups, irritation and redness.

Although this is not a cure for all your skin conditions but helps to manage most of your symptoms. It can effectively treat afflictions anywhere in the body, from scalp to feet.

There are many reasons that inflammation can occur, but mostly it is due to an allergic reaction or skin irritation. Your body will release chemicals when it detects inflammation. It causes your blood vessels to enlarge, causing swelling, itching, and inflammation.

After Betamethasone is applied topically, it begins to work within your cells and reduces the inflammatory chemicals, swelling and redness. You can also use it to treat other inflammations such as allergies, irritants, rashes, and bodily reactions from insect bites or stings. Betamethasone is effective in scalp treatment as well.

Betamethasone can also be mixed with other beneficial ingredients to provide antibacterial, antifungal, and antibiotic treatments. Betnovate C and Fucibet are two examples. Such combined formulae are also good to treat inflammation associated with infections.

Before applying any lotion, cream, or ointment to your skin, you should clean your hands well and the affected area. Apply a small portion of the treatment to the affected area and gently rub it up to thrice a day. Unless a doctor has advised otherwise, the affected area should not ever be covered or bandaged.

Wash your hands after using Betamethasone products unless you are treating your hands. Apply Betamethasone carefully on the skin of your face to avoid any contact with your eyes as it can worsen or cause glaucoma. Wash your eyes with plenty of water if you get Betamethasone in your eyes.

Consult your doctor if the condition does not improve or worsen after two weeks of treatment.

Never apply Betamethasone to the children. However, a dermatologist might prescribe Betamethasone to children in some instances for short-term treatment. The treatment must not exceed two weeks.

Most people who use Betamethasone Ointment won't experience any side effects. There are very few users who may experience side effects. Side effects are more likely to occur if you take the medication for a longer time.

To avoid unwanted side effects like thinning skin or excessive hair growth, do not use it for a longer time than prescribed.

Tell your doctor about any medications that you take, especially corticosteroid medication. Allow several minutes between the application of Betamethasone and any other topical medications.

Apply a moisturiser to your skin 30 minutes before applying Betamethasone. It will allow the skin to soften and leads to better absorption of the Betamethasone. Using the moisturiser shortly before or after applying the Betamethasone dilutes the medicine and reduces its effect.
Although there is a low chance of Betamethasone causing side effects, the possible side effects will include:
A burning sensation
Increased itching
Some people can be allergic to Propylene Glycol
Local skin reactions can be caused by Cetostearyl alcohol (e.g. Contact dermatitis)
Chlorocresol related allergies

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