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Allergy Screen (Inhalants and Foods) Blood Test
Inhalants and Foods Blood Test
Allergy Screen Blood Test

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  • determines allergic to common allergens that can be inhaled or consumed in food

Allergy Screen (Inhalants and Foods) Blood Test

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This blood test determines whether you are allergic to common allergens that can be inhaled or consumed in food. Four allergy mixtures (grasses, dusts, moulds, and trees) are evaluated, as well as numerous typical single allergens (such as cat dander, dog dander, cow's milk, egg yolk, and egg white).

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Allergies are brought on by the immune system of the body overreacting or responding in an incorrect way to a typically harmless substance. Foods, inhalants (such pollen and dust), pets, and even some medications can all be sources of allergens in our surroundings.

The majority of allergic reactions are moderate, resulting in no more than a few bothersome or unattractive symptoms, but in some people, an allergic reaction can be fatal. Normally, an allergic reaction happens seconds or minutes after being exposed to the allergen.

Although there are many different forms of allergy disorders, this test particularly searches for the allergens that cause Immunoglobulin E (IgE) mediated allergies. Hives, itching, and swelling of the lips or face are common symptoms of an allergic reaction, which often manifests immediately after coming into contact with the allergen.

The following foods and substances that can be breathed are tested for IgE reactions: Mix of Grass: Cocksfoot Meadow Field of Fescue Timothy Rye Dust Mix: Blatella germanica Weed Mix: Common Ragweed Giant Ragweed Western Ragweed Pteronyssinus dermatophagoides Farina's Dermatophagoides Labs Hollister-Stier Mold Blend:

Alternata Forsythia fumigatus Albicans Candida the herbarium Cladosporium Halodes of Helminthosporium Notatum Penicillium Mixed Trees: Box Elder Common Ash Sycamore London Plane Maple Silver Birch Hazel Oak Individual Allergens:Cattle Milk Clam Common Silver Birch Cat Dander Dog Dander Egg White Egg Yolk Fish Bermuda Grass (Cod) Horse Dander with Hazel Nuts Crunchy Peanut Shrimp/Prawn Latex Bean Soya Wheat

Antibodies, also known as immunoglobulins, are crucial components of the immune system that aid in the body's defence against pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Antibodies are divided into five main groups and several subclasses.

When someone has an allergy, their immune system responds excessively by generating IgE to a harmless allergen (such as food, grass, or animal dander). Usually, this reaction irritates the nose, lungs, throat, and skin.

To determine whether a person is allergic to a particular allergen, the allergen-specific IgE antibody test is employed. The amount of IgE antibody that is targeted for a potential allergen in the blood is measured.

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