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Hedrin Once Spray Gel
Hedrin Once Spray Gel
Hedrin Head Lice 15 Minute Treatment 60ml Spray
Hedrin Head Lice 15 Minute Treatment Spray Gel.

About Description

  • Effective treatment for head lice
  • Single application
  • Easy to use

Hedrin Head Lice 15 Minute Treatment Spray Gel

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Hedrin Once is fast and effective for head lice. It takes only 15 minutes to apply.


The Hedrin(r), Once Spray Gel, kills head lice and eggs in children and adults aged 6 months and older. Penetrol is also included. This allows the product to penetrate louse eggs to kill them. You can use the gel as many times as you need without worrying about lice becoming resistant.

Warnings and Restrictions

Use caution as gel can cause slippery shower cubicles and baths.
If you have an allergy to any ingredient, do not use. Stop using if you experience symptoms of allergy. Use soap and water to wash your skin and get medical advice.

Avoid eye contact. Flush the gel with lots of water if it comes in contact with your eyes. If irritation persists consult your doctor.

In case of accidental swallowing, consult your doctor immediately. Keep the pack close by so you can show.

Specification of the Product

Dimeticone,1,6, 10-Dodecatrien-3–Ol,3,7,11-Trimethyl.Peg/Ppg Dimeticone Copolymer,Silica Silylate.

Size (60) Units (ML) Height (14.1), Width (7) Depth (5)

Product code: 603864


The empty packs can be recycled after use.

Product uses

Use a towel to cover your shoulders.


Spray the gel approximately 10cm away from your hair.

Spray the spray on your eyes and skin, but not into your eyes.

Use your fingers to massage the gel into the hair.

Apply to the hair for 15 minutes or longer, if you have more time.

Shampoo the entire hair, without first soaking it. Rinse with water after shampooing. Then repeat the process. Rinse, apply conditioner and let dry. The Hedrin(r), Once Spray Gel has anti-foaming components so that the shampoo does not foam. Repeat the entire process if necessary. Remember to apply shampoo to dry hair.


Use only on damaged skin.

Children under 6 months of age should not be exposed to this product.

Use the product only after the expiry date on the package.

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The Hedrin Once Spray Gel easily eliminates head lice. Hedrin Once Spray Gel provides a contactless way to apply the lotion on the affected part of the scalp.

It is odourless, skin-friendly, and does not contain organophosphates.

This treatment is water-based that treats without leaving any greasy residue. It requires the application to stay for eight hours or overnight, one in seven days.

It does not kill the lice, but produces a coat to the lice which prevent the lice from moving and feeding, and prevents them from excreting excess wastewater. In both ways, it effectively kills the lice.

You can repeat the treatment right away if the head lice come back.

Use an appropriate proportion of the spray gel on the scalp. Keep it on the scalp for 8 hours or for overnight.

Wash the hair with water like usual hair wash, in the morning or after 8 hours.

Repeat the treatment once in seven days.

Administer two applications of Hedrin Once Spray Gel on your scalp, in a gap of seven days. Keep it on the scalp for 8 hours or for overnight. Repeat the treatment once in seven days.

Hedrin Once Spray may cause the following side effects, although not everyone will experience them:

Skin irritation
Flaking of the scalp
Itching or irritation around the eyes

If any of these or other side effects persist or worsen, then consult your doctor immediately.

Do not use it on children under six months of age, except upon the advice of a doctor.

Stop using the Hedrin Once Spray if you notice an allergic reaction to any of its ingredients.

Keep away from children. Store safely as it is flammable.

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