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Fucidin Cream
Fucidin (Fusidic acid) Antibiotic Cream
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About Description

  • Antibiotic cream to treat bacterial infections
  • Contains steroids
  • Treats inflammation

Fucidin Cream

Fucidin (Fusidic acid) Antibiotic Cream

Fucidin cream is available online for the treatment of infected skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis that have been previously diagnosed by your doctor. Fusidic acid 22% is used to treat eczema. It can be applied over seven to ten days.

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Fucidin cream is a cream containing the active ingredient fusidic acid. Fusidic acid is a type of antibiotic medicine. Fusidic acid stops the bacteria, which causes infections, from growing and increasing in number. Fusidic acids interfere with bacteria's ability to produce a protein necessary for their growth and reproduction. Fusidic acid doesn't kill bacteria but prevents them from multiplying and gaining in number. The body's immune system will eventually destroy or kill the remaining bacteria. It will result in the elimination of the infection.

Apply Fucidin cream thinly and gently to infected areas of skin, as directed by your doctor. You do not need as frequent application of the cream if your doctor directs you to cover the cream under dressings.

Before using the medicine, you should wash your hands thoroughly unless the cream is being applied to the skin on your hands.

Avoid getting the cream in your eyes when you are treating a facial skin infection. Rinse your eyes thoroughly with lots of water if you get the cream in your eyes.

Fucidin cream should be used daily for as long as prescribed by your doctor. Unless your doctor asks you to stop, you must continue the treatment. The possibility of the infection returning and getting unaffected by the treatment could be increased if you stop taking the medication prior to the end of your treatment.

Your doctor should be consulted if your infection persists or worsens despite treatment with Fucidin Cream. If your infection reappears, you should see your doctor.

Fucidin cream should be used for as long as directed by your doctor. You should also not keep the medication for any future infections. Antibacterial medicines can cause skin reactions and could also lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria if used in excess.

Fucidin Cream should be used correctly according to the instructions provided in the Patient Information Leaflet and as per the instructions of your doctor.

Before applying Fucidin Cream, wash your hands with warm water and soap.
Apply a thin layer to the affected area.
Keep away from your eyes while using it on your face.
After each application, wash your hands well, unless treating the skin of the hands.

Fucidin Cream should be applied according to the instructions of your pharmacist or doctor. Generally, this will be 3-4 times per day. If the area is covered with a dressing, you may need to apply it less frequently.

Fucidin resistance can develop if the medicine is used for a long time. If you don't notice an improvement in a few days, talk to your doctor.

Do not stop the prescribed course in between to prevent the infection from returning and being resistant to the Fucidin Cream.

Generally, Fucidin Cream should be gently applied to the affected skin area up to three to four times every day depending on the severity of your condition. However, it is essential to consult your doctor or pharmacist before beginning the usage of Fucidin Cream.

Do not change the prescribed dosage or stop the use of the Fucidin Cream before the prescribed course of treatment is finished. It may increase the risk of returning the infection and the infection being unaffected by the formula of the Fucidin Cream.

Like all other medications, Fucidin Cream may cause side effects. However, very few people may observe any side effects, as Fucidin Cream is a very harmless and efficient medicine. It has received mostly positive responses from its users.

Fucidin cream shouldn't be used by anyone who is allergic to fusidic acid, sodium fusidate or any other ingredient of Fucidin. You should immediately stop using Fucidin cream if you suspect you have an allergic reaction.

Fucidin cream is safe to use during pregnancy. Fusidic acid can be safely absorbed through the skin. Avoid applying cream to your breasts if you are breastfeeding.

Fusidic acid does not penetrate through the skin into the bloodstream in large quantities. It is why this is unlikely to have any adverse effects on other benefits. Fucidin cream can be diluted if used soon after the application of a moisturiser. To allow the antibiotic to absorb and work effectively, wait at least 30 minutes after applying the moisturiser to the skin.

Fucidin Cream may cause the following rare side effects:

Pain, burning, stinging sensation or redness of the skin
Skin rashes
Contact dermatitis
Itching of the skin
Skin blistering
Allergic reactions like - difficulty breathing or swelling of the skin, face, throat or tongue

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