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Carrier Screening (Adventia)

Adventia is a genetic test for carrier screening. Adventia can be done by any individual to check if they are carriers of a genetic disease to minimize their risk of transmitting the disease to their children. Carriers are not aected, and do not show any symptoms of a disease, but could have a child who is aected.
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Adventia Carrier Screening Home Test Kit

Carrier Screening Test (Adventia)

  • Minimises your risk of transmitting genetic disseases to your children
  • Administred via a buccal swab sample
  • Prenatal diagnosis during pregnancy to know whether your baby is affected
  • Fertility treatments and choosing a compatible gamete donor without the same mutation
  • Early intervention, therapies where available
  • Better clinical management for affected children
  • Results available 2-3 weeks from sample arriving in the lab
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