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BeYou Menstrual Cup
A menstrual cup.
BeYou's Menstrual Cup

BeYou Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup.

There are no leaks or worries. BeYou's Menstrual Cup can be worn inside your vagina. It collects up to three tampons worth blood flow and does not absorb it. The cup is made without harmful chemicals and can be worn up to 12 hours. This allows you to save money and reduce waste. The cup is cheaper, more healthy, and better for the environment.

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Yes! If you have a Mirena Coil or an IUD you'll be able to use a menstrual cup. Many women fear that using a menstrual cup may displace their coil, however, a menstrual cup stays quite somewhat lower in your vaginal canal while your IUD sits farther away on your uterus, so it won't interfere with your coil. When it comes to using a menstrual cup with an IUD, you are going to want to keep some distance between your BeYou cup and your vaginal cervix, for comfort. Should you think your cervix is quite low, then you may want to think about different choices that won't interfere with your IUD/IUS, but you can read more about this in our post on "Can I use a banana cup if I have an IUD?".

Removing a menstrual cup isn't any messier than any other sanitary item, as BeYou Cup catches all the blood, you won’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty. The only part which you might consider 'messy' is when you're inserting your cup, you might come across a tiny bit of blood that has reached your vaginal canal by then, however that is precisely the same with tampons too. Nothing washing your hands will not resolve. P.S. Many of us have been conditioned to fear our own menstrual blood. Take a moment to actually consider how messed up this is. It is time you took back control of your period and everything it stands for!

With the right fit and size, you shouldn’t feel your menstrual cup at all once it is inserted (like a tampon). You may feel your menstrual cup’s stem if it is too long for you. But, you can trim the stem by cutting along the lines of the stem. If you feel the entire cup then it is likely that your menstrual cup isn’t the right size, it hasn’t opened properly or it is too low/high in your vaginal canal. There is a reason why menstrual cup users go into raptures over just how comfortable they are! But as it is said, practice makes perfect.

Since it's possible to wear your cup up to 12 hours at a time you likely won't need to think about your cup as you're out and around. But, we always suggest changing it every 4-6 hours and if this means you want to change your menstrual cup in a public toilet - rest assured it is REALLY simple! When taking off your cup, you can squat down or pop up your leg on the toilet chair and take off your cup. Then empty your period blood into the toilet and from there your options are:

Cleaning your menstrual cup in home:
Tip the contents of your cup out into the toilet and clean it with cold water, and dry it with a clean towel.
Give your cup a wash with the Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser.

Cleaning your menstrual cup in a toilet stall:
You can carry a small water bottle with you and rinse the cup out with water.
Tip the cup out, wipe it down with toilet paper and re-insert.
You can carry an extra cup and switch them. Just insert the clean cup and rinse the used one with cold water in the basin or with the water bottle you carried to the toilet stall or any other options.

Our menstrual cup is created of super-soft and flexible medical grade silicone. This makes it a safe substance to be inserted inside the vagina and it's kind to all skin types.

Why Soft? We in effect designed our menstrual cup to be softer than others since that was the number 1 piece of feedback after talking to tens of thousands of cup users. Besides, not everything that goes in there should be hard.

We live in a world where each one of us is different and we absolutely love it, and so we have different menstrual cup sizes available. There actually is a cup for everyone!

Many factors impact your choice of picking the right menstrual cup for you, beginning with your cervix elevation, your personal preference and how your uterus is sitting in your body.

To Be Able to Find out the Ideal size menstrual cup for you, you can follow our manual:

- If you have not given birth it’s very simple, get the medium cup if you are under 25 years, and if you are above 25 years get a large menstrual cup.
- If you have had a vaginal birth, get a large menstrual cup.
- If you have had a caesarean and are under 25 years old, get the medium cup, and if you are above 25 years, get a large menstrual cup.

It is recommended to know your cervix height to determine which cup size is best suitable for you. Medium cup fits best on a low cervix and a large cup fits best on a high cervix.

However, you know your body best. If you believe that the medium or the large cup would fit your shape better based on your own anatomy and sensitivities then pick your preferred cup.

What if I'm over 25 but only use a small / medium tampon?

Tampon size does not help in determining the size of the cup, as unlike a menstrual cup it doesn't create a seal against your vaginal walls. However knowing the cervix height helps better in determining the suitable cup size.

Using a menstrual cup should not hurt at all. That is the beauty of the BeYou Menstrual Cup - it is so cosy! Anyhow, if your cup is causing you pain or discomfort there are a few possible reasons why:
You have the wrong size - If your cup is too large or too long it could be sitting too high on your vagina or it is pressing against your vaginal walls which could cause some distress.
The stem of your cup is too long - When you have a short vaginal canal or a low cervix then the stem could poke your vaginal walls. You can trim your menstrual cup’s stem by cutting along the lines of the stem with scissors.
Your cup is too high - When your cup has been put too high and has not unfolded properly it could be pressing against your cervix. We recommend making sure your cup stays lower in the vaginal canal and slowly pushing your cup upwards so it's fully inserted.
Your cup is too low - If your cup sits too low in your vaginal tract it can cause some distress. To ensure your cup is not too low make certain the whole stem of your menstrual cup is completely inserted and your cup is not directly in the entrance to your vagina.

If you have ANY trouble at all while using a cup simply inform us and we'll help!

You do not have to be a certain age to use any kind of period product and this is surely the exact same for menstrual cups. The instant that you start getting your period you are wanting to reach the most comfortable and appropriate period product for you.

If you are starting to use a menstrual cup at a young age: be patient and give yourself some time to attempt different folds and positions and get accustomed to the menstrual cup, just as you'd do using a tampon or a sanitary pad. Your period blood will make inserting a period product smoother and gentler, so go right ahead and do not fear a ‘bloody mess’! It truly is the one time you are going to want to!

Removing the cup is slightly different than removing a tampon as it does not have a string like a tampon does, so you'll want to be fine with using your fingers inside of you. When you remove the cup you want to be certain to break the seal of the cup. All you have to do is grip the bottom of the cup with your two fingers and pinch it to alter the shape a bit, which will break the suction of the cup. Then it is simple to twist it down and out before emptying it in the toilet.

You simply give it a squeeze! Grab the foundation of your cup with your two fingers as near the upper rim as you can and lightly squeeze it to break the vacuum seal and twist it out and down.

We do not advise using your cup for either discharge or cervical fluids. Menstrual cups have not been authorised yet for the usage of collecting anything aside from your period. We expect to have more study to explain why in forthcoming times!

Absolutely not, that's why we're organic! Our BeYou cup consists of 100 per cent medical-grade silicone and doesn't contain any BPAs or toxic chemicals like phthalates. This does not mean that these types of chemicals are not used in any menstrual cup at all, so always be aware of where you are ordering your cup.

The different positions of inserting your cup depend on - if you’re inserting your cup in a toilet stall or in the comfort of your own home.

A squat-like position gives the best access for getting your cup in a suitable position and there are a few ways in which you can do this:
- Sit on the toilet, likely in a squat position
- Hover slightly over the toilet, in a squat position
- Put your leg up on the toilet seat or bath tub
- or just squat.

Any position that makes you feel relaxed and prevents you from clenching your muscles, will help you get that cup inside of you swiftly and hassle-free. It is reasonable if you take some time, you will surely get there! Is it not that we all love a bit of a challenge!?

Menstrual Cup is non-returnable for hygiene purposes, it is a personal product similar to your underwear, pasties or other period products that touches your intimate skin.

If you are hesitant to pick the wrong size and end up with the discomfort out of it, we suggest you begin with measuring your cervix and follow our instruction under “What size Menstrual Cup do I need?”. If it does not help you enough, you can always write to us and we will help you further.

You can safely buy BeYou Menstrual Cup online at our online store. We at Pharmacy4u sell the original and genuine product. You can buy a BeYou Menstrual Cup quickly and hassle-free. We provide all our services from consultation to prescription completely FREE with no hidden fees.

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